Sep 07

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Continuum of Interactivity with Videoconferencing

In addition to a continuum of videoconferencing tools, there are other continuums related to the use of videoconferencing. Today, let’s examine the interactivity continuum…

Interactivity Continuum

Continuum of Interactivity

  • View only isn’t interactive at all!
  • Watching the other class present and not present back is not very interactive!
  • Presenting to each other is a step up.
  • Involving each other in the presentation is even better (by comparing and constrasting with Monster Mayhem, or solving measurement problems with Measurement Riddles, or researching an answer in MysteryQuest).
  • Hands-on activities are even more interactive: content provider programs featured in the pictures are: Magnificent Manatees, Gadget Works, and Butterflies.

Have you experienced this continuum? Where do most of your videoconferences fall along the line? Any other insights to share? Please comment!

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