Research Literature on COIL

I’ve just finished attending the 10th Anniversary COIL Conference for the first time. It made me very curious about the literature. Several COIL leaders suggested that COIL needs a journal. Ethnographic research is needed for this type of activity, and right now the publications on this topic are in a variety of locations. The language exchanges are […]

Supports Needed for COIL

This week I attended the 10th Anniversary COIL Conference for the first time. One theme that intrigued me was the comments that faculty who are doing Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) are like pirates, but, that administrative support is necessary for COIL to be institutionalized. Both the bottom up grass roots and the top down administrative support are needed. Throughout […]

A Focus on “International” in COIL

I’ve been attending the 10th Anniversary COIL Conference and am reflecting and synthesizing my learning. In this post, I am exploring the international aspect of COIL. When I worked in K12 videoconferencing, our collaborations were only rarely international. But the international piece is KEY to COIL. I only saw two sessions that didn’t have an international aspect: one was […]

COIL Needs CAPspace

I’m attending the 10th Anniversary COIL Conference and listening to how higher education is doing collaborative online projects – specifically connecting internationally. In the kick-off plenary, there was discussion of how to find partners, and a general concern about how difficult it is to get started. It seemed like an aha moment to me! COIL needs a higher […]

The Power of Collaboration

This blog post accompanies my session, The Power of Collaboration, presented at the 2018 Nebraska Distance Learning Association Conference. PPT (minus the video clips) A few recommended blog posts regarding collaboration What do you see as the power of collaboration? Collaborative projects are the “third wave” The future of collaborations Sharing a biochemistry class via videoconference Curriculum […]

The Role of Social Media Tools in Higher Education

Today I presented for the faculty of Burman University in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. This post has the accompanying resources for the social media session. PowerPoint Examples of Social Media Use Art teacher on Pinterest Yammer – a closed social media network Faculty twitter use Faculty blogging example for texting students reminders #HopeTrending: web, Facebook, […]