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May 03

Connect with your local veterans


Today we had another full day of Lest We Forget Vietnam sessions. Students from Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey,  and Texas interviewed our panel. Major Gary Lulenksi, MD; L/CPL Denny Kime; and Major Jim Taylor I have shared lists of questions many times before when reporting on these VCs. Today, instead, I want to appeal to …

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Apr 19

Lest We Forget: Korean War


Today we had a great group of Korean War veterans to talk to our students locally and around the country. This is part of our Lest We Forget series that occurs in collaboration with our local Lest We Forget veterans organization. Panel members participating today: Red Sage, Jim O’Malley, Jim Brinkman, Jim Ball Here is …

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Mar 29

Lest We Forget: World War II


Today we had several schools from MI, NJ, and TX interview our World War II veterans for our Lest We Forget program. Today’s panel included Captain Jimmy Butt, Sgt Arden Pridgeon, Sgt Val Ripsco. In the first session we also had a new veteran, Captain Rex Welch, who was a paratrooper. Students learned about rations, …

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Mar 18

21st Century Communication with TWICE

Cross-posted with the MACUL conference blog. Here are the resources and links featured in my session at MACUL, 21st Century Communication with TWICE. We connected to Eagle Lake Elementary in Edwardsburg, for a feature of Where in Michigan; the ASK programs, and Read Around the Planet. Where in Michigan (and Michigan Exchange) TWICE ASK programs …

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Mar 17


Arnie Comer, TWICE ASK Coordinator, is kicking off the first session in the TWICE room (W2-66) at MACUL 2011: TWICE ASK Programs. What is an ASK program? Watch the video here. The basic steps to an ASK program are: Read the book Journal Write good questions Pick the best questions Interview an author or specialist …

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Mar 09

ASK Author with Eric Walters


The last three days we’ve been working with York Region District School Board in Ontario to share author Eric Walters between our schools. We’ve also shared it across Canada with other classes in Ontario and British Columbia as well. We split the author fee among all the schools participating. We’ve been collaborating like this for …

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Feb 17

TWICE ASK Author: Nothing But Trouble

Today TWICE is hosting a day of sessions with author Sue Stauffacher on her book Nothing But Trouble: The Story of Althea Gibson. Althea Gibson was “the first African-American woman to be a competitor on the world tennis tour and the first to win a Grand Slam title in 1956. She is sometimes referred to …

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Feb 16

TWICE ASK Author: Bessie Smith and the Night Riders

Today TWICE is hosting an awesome ASK program with Sue Stauffacher on her new book, Bessie Smith and the Night Riders. Sue is a wonderfully funny author and students really enjoy her books. Bessie Smith was the “Empress of Blues” and stood up to the KKK at a concert. This picture book tells that story, …

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Nov 11

Lest We Forget Veterans Day


Today we had a several classes interview a panel of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans. Students had prepared questions and expressions of gratitude for our veterans. One highlight from today was World War II veteran Arden Pridgeon sharing his “vmail” and explaining to the students how the letters were sent on microfiche and …

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Oct 26

Monster Mayhem, Tornado Warnings, and More


Today was our first day of this year’s Monster Mayhem with Whirlidurb and Dallas. We had a busy, but learning-filled day! In addition to our monsters, we also had classes participating in the TWICE ASK programs on bullying with author Dana Lehman, and two connections with the Cleveland Zoo and the Lee Richardson Zoo. Here …

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