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Jan 30

Day 20: Just Do It

Now we have come the the last day of our challenge. We hope that you have learned some tips to help you coordinate videoconferencing within your building and assist your teachers. Our last challenge to you is “Just Do It”. Many times we find that people wait until every little detail is perfect until they …

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Jan 29

Day 19: Now, Participate in Megaconference Jr.

Now that you’ve been through this little training experience, it’s time to join the global learning community! Megaconference Jr. is one of THE videoconferencing events of the year for K12 videoconferencing. It’s a 12 hour videoconference, facilitated by students, with student presenters featured. An incredible global experience, a chance for networking with other schools, and …

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Jan 26

Day 16: Quality Connections

Guest blogged by Roxanne Glaser Schools’ resources are valuable and must be spent wisely. Resources are both staff time and money. Here are some tips about evaluating the quality of your connections so that you can spend your time and money wisely. Top 3 Quality Indicators for Curriculum Videoconferencing Connections 1. Are you teachers and …

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Jan 25

Day 15: Kid Producers

How much do you let students help you with videoconferences? For this challenge, let’s think about some appropriate ways to involve students in the production of the videoconference. Microphone One of the most simple ways to involve students is to have them in charge of muting the microphone. I’ve seen this work well in a …

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Jan 22

Day 14: Questions, Questions? Questions!

This week, we’ve been giving you tips to improve the quality of the interactions in your videoconferences. The question and answer time can be when the videoconference spirals out of control, or it can be a profitable learning experience. Has this ever happened to you during Q&A time? No one can think of a question …

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Jan 21

Day 13: Who Are You? and Where Are You?

Videoconferencing is a communication technology. “I know that,” I hear you say. But think about this. When was the last time you were in a videoconference and you didn’t know the name of the person you were talking to? I bet it was recently. It happens all too often! Introductions So for today’s challenge, let’s …

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Jan 20

Day 12: Sounds, Silence and Such

Guest blogged by Roxanne Glaser Because our philosophy of using videoconferencing is based on interactiveness, today’s post will focus on how to manage your site to maximize the quality of the audio that you are sending. It is truly amazing that I get to work everyday with technology that I watched on cartoons. The technology …

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Jan 19

Day 11: Lights, Cameras, Interactions!

Guest blogged by Roxanne Glaser We began our journey setting up our equipment and email signatures. Next we learned how to find content and some tips about preparing for a videoconference connection. This week we will move into what to do DURING a connection to maximize learning and the quality of the connection. Videoconferencing is …

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Jan 16

Day 10: Assisting Teachers with Preparation

A critical part of a successful videoconference is preparation. So how can you help make sure it happens? Here are some ideas. Preparation Lesson Plans Many programs have preparation materials which are very helpful. When the program is scheduled, ask the teacher if they received the materials. A week or so before the program, ask …

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Jan 14

Day 8: Collaboration Sites and Listservs

Yesterday with Roxanne’s guidance, you set up accounts on the most common websites you’ll need to login to and register for videoconference programs. Today’s focus is on collaboration sites and listservs. This is your support community. You’ll learn from others, get ideas for using VC in the classroom, and even find out about new programs …

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