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Jan 29

Day 20: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Well, here we are at the end of another 20 Day Challenge for videoconferencing. Let’s review, reflect, and look to the future… Review In the first week, we focused on Read Around the Planet, with tips, tricks, and suggestions for a quality experience. We spent a few days on responding to projects posted by others, …

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Jan 28

Day 19: So You Think You Can Multitask?

Once you get involved in the videoconference world of collaborations and projects, your work life speeds up tremendously. The more people you meet and the more connections that you begin making, the more you will do. Connections multiply quickly. Many things are grabbing at your attention: Twitter, Facebook, meetings, reports due, trainings to conduct, test …

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Jan 27

Day 18: 7 Steps to Better Collaboration

Today’s post about better videoconference projects has absolutely nothing to do with networks or hardware. Collaboration skills can definitely be learned and developed. Here are seven ways to become a better collaborative partner for projects for your teachers. Read Your Email And respond to your email in a timely manner. Just do it. So many …

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Jan 26

Day 17: Sharing Your Computer Screen: Potential Challenges

If you’re new to videoconference projects, you’re bound to run into a problem seeing or sharing a computer screen sometime soon. Here’s the situation and what to do about it. H.239 / Duo Video / People Plus Content Many of the manufacturers offer a feature that allows you to share your computer and your faces …

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Jan 25

Day 16: Type Unto Others

As we enter our final week of this year’s challenge, we will share email tips and tune ups for you to use to better support teachers with collaborations. Email is quick and convenient, but can also be the source of frustration and miscommunication. Email Signature Some organizations have standardized email signatures and some do not. …

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Jan 22

Day 15: School to School Collaborations

This week in our 20 Days Challenge to Better VC Projects, we’ve been talking about how to scale your own projects. Another way to scale projects is to collaborate school-to-school, with multiple teachers from each school connecting with each other. So how does that work? Finding a school partner It is very rare to advertise …

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Jan 21

Day 14: Key Communications for Project Success

Once you have a wiki set up with all the elements of your project, you will need to think about how to communicate with your partner(s). Confirmation Letter This letter is important to begin communication with partners. Timely and succinct communication is imperative. Always include the time zone. I try to always copy the technical …

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Jan 20

Day 13: Wikis for Teachers: The 4-1-1

By Roxanne Glaser I can remember when I first heard the word wiki. I giggled and thought, “That is the goofiest sounding word” and went on about my business of emailing something or another. Then one day someone invited me to write on their wiki and it was so easy! When I also discovered how …

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Jan 19

Day 12: Where Do Projects Come From?

So now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and run a project for a few of your teachers, where should you start? First, you need a good idea that you can develop into a project for your teachers. So where do these ideas come from? The Curriculum First and foremost, they should come from …

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Jan 18

Day 11: Bridging the Implementation Gap

This week in the 20 Day Challenge to Better VC Projects, we will be talking about designing and managing projects for your teachers. But first, let’s talk about why you should run projects for your teachers. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas Have you ever been to one of these types of sessions at a conference or training? …

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