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May 05

A New LifeSize Express Arrived Yesterday Afternoon!


Yesterday afternoon we were privileged to receive a grant through Views On Learning to receive a new LifeSize Express system, plus a really cool Ergotron cart and 50 inch display. Views on Learning, Inc. (VOL) is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established to provide our Educational Broadband Service (EBS) schools with distance education opportunities that …

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Apr 26

Hooking Teachers on Videoconferencing

The perennial challenge of videoconferencing is to get teachers to use it! They have so many good reasons to resist using it! If you’re just getting started, here are some ideas to get past that first block. Select a Couple Teachers Think about who you could start with. Pick someone who: Willing to try something …

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Apr 21

TxDLA: Inspiring Teachers' Use of VC

Here are links and resources for my first TxDLA presentation today (Inspiring Teachers’ Use of Videoconferencing): PowerPoint: Inspiring Teachers Use of VC Blog Posts on the Top Teachers’ Study Other blog posts on working with teachers: Remember the Teachers Promoting Videoconferencing in Your School How to Promote Your Videoconference Program How Principals Support Videoconferencing Advertising …

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Jan 31

Day 20: Why We Use Video Conferencing in K-12 Classrooms

This post continues our 20 Day Challenge to understand the technical aspects of videoconferencing, particularly the section on dialing. Each January, we write these 20 Day Video Conference Challenges to share our experiences with others. In the early days of video conferencing, it was cumbersome and expensive. Today, we can have excellent H.323 quality connecting …

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Jan 20

Matrix of Videoconference Implementation

The London Grid for Learning has a new blog about their videoconference program. Check it out! While looking around, I found this awesome Matrix to assess your implementation level posted on Tuesday. It’s specific to their situation (JVCS is the national videoconferencing bridging service); but is still useful to think about your own implementation of …

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Dec 14

Services I Offer My Schools

Since my visit to another county last week, I’ve been reflecting anew on our videoconferencing program. Today I thought I would share a list of the videoconferencing services that I provide to our schools. Technical These services are included in their REMC membership. Firewall. Assistance with making videoconferencing work through the firewall: ports used in …

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Dec 10

Kicking Off Videoconferencing in Your Area

On Wednesday this week, I had the privilege of talking to a group of media specialists from a county in Michigan that has very little access to videoconferencing. We started brainstorming ways they could get access to standards-based videoconferencing, and that got me thinking. What pieces do they need to have in place for a …

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Nov 24

Patterns of Busy Videoconferencing Days

Since I had so many videoconferences yesterday, I’ve been reflecting on the patterns of busy videoconference days, and quiet times in the school year. Yesterday we had 23 videoconferences: 11 classes participating in Turkey Trade 4 ASK holocaust expert interviews with Mr. Charlie Sacavage 3 classes going to ON, Canada for an extension of their …

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Sep 07

Continuum of Interactivity with Videoconferencing

Continuum of Interactivity

In addition to a continuum of videoconferencing tools, there are other continuums related to the use of videoconferencing. Today, let’s examine the interactivity continuum… Interactivity Continuum View only isn’t interactive at all! Watching the other class present and not present back is not very interactive! Presenting to each other is a step up. Involving each …

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Aug 31

Advertising Videoconferences to My Schools

In the last week or so, I’ve been working on switching my email list from a simple forwarding system to an email marketing service called MailChimp. So far, I’ve only been working on my local list so I can start sending my beginning of school-year email announcements. But I also plan to convert over my …

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