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Nov 02

Updating my VC Confirmation Letter

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to share with you since the beginning of the school year! I’ve been inspired by Roxanne’s work to polish my own work. One thing that I looked carefully over in August was the confirmation letter I send to my schools. Just about every VC my schools do is scheduled through …

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Nov 05

Starting a Multipoint VC Professionally

I’ve been watching a lot of multipoint VCs lately, and so I thought I’d write today about what seems to work well. Most of these tips I’ve learned from COSI Columbus with their surgery and expert interviews or from Arnie Comer’s ASK and LAPS programs at Macomb ISD. Make sure all sites are muted in …

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Jan 27

Day 17: Your Lifelines

Guest blogged by Roxanne Glaser Videoconference coordinators come in all forms in our schools. We have teaching assistants, librarians, campus technologists, technology directors, classroom teachers, and administrators. As we have mentioned earlier, the one commonality is that the majority of them have full time responsibilities in another capacity. Bottom line: Everyone is busy. How can …

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Jan 25

Day 15: Kid Producers

How much do you let students help you with videoconferences? For this challenge, let’s think about some appropriate ways to involve students in the production of the videoconference. Microphone One of the most simple ways to involve students is to have them in charge of muting the microphone. I’ve seen this work well in a …

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Jan 22

Day 14: Questions, Questions? Questions!

This week, we’ve been giving you tips to improve the quality of the interactions in your videoconferences. The question and answer time can be when the videoconference spirals out of control, or it can be a profitable learning experience. Has this ever happened to you during Q&A time? No one can think of a question …

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Jan 21

Day 13: Who Are You? and Where Are You?

Videoconferencing is a communication technology. “I know that,” I hear you say. But think about this. When was the last time you were in a videoconference and you didn’t know the name of the person you were talking to? I bet it was recently. It happens all too often! Introductions So for today’s challenge, let’s …

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Aug 26

VC7 – Brain Based Learning Techniques

James Tapankov: The VC7 – Brain Based Learning Techniques in VC At Elevate 2008 This session will explore the use of brain-based learning techniques in the videoconferencing environment. The VC7 is a list of seven approaches that are guaranteed to enhance the level of interactivity and value to every VC, regardless of its focus. The …

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Aug 26

Training Hosts at the Canadian Space Agency

This morning at breakfast at the Elevate 2008 conference, I chatted with Marilyn Steinberg from the Canadian Space Agency. I commented that I heard their programs fill up quickly, so she described how they focus on quality, particularly how they train their “hosts” – the scientists and engineers who videoconference with the students. Her training …

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