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Jun 09

The Problem with Free

As you know, I keep processing Skype vs. H.323 and other ramifications and changes in the videoconference world. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how stable and sustainable a videoconference cart is. Our Polycom Viewstations from 1999 are for the most part still running! And teachers haven’t had to relearn how to use them …

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Nov 29

Multifunction Devices & Classroom Videconferencing


Recently, I read this post on the Radvision blog about multi-funtion devices vs. single-function devices. While Sagee was focusing on the Flip camera vs. the iPhone and other Smartphone, I couldn’t help but think about classroom videoconferencing. Single Device Would you rather have a single device that only does one thing: videoconferencing? Multifunction Device Or …

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Nov 19

Cameras for Desktop Videoconferencing

Yesterday I had a couple of excellent meetings with our district tech directors. We were discussing bringing desktop videoconferencing to our classrooms with interactive whiteboards or even just projectors to use as classroom based videoconferencing. We had a great discussion on the different ways to do the web cameras. I had only been thinking about …

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Oct 26

Monster Mayhem, Tornado Warnings, and More


Today was our first day of this year’s Monster Mayhem with Whirlidurb and Dallas. We had a busy, but learning-filled day! In addition to our monsters, we also had classes participating in the TWICE ASK programs on bullying with author Dana Lehman, and two connections with the Cleveland Zoo and the Lee Richardson Zoo. Here …

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Sep 02

I Have a Dream: Giving VC to People Off My Network

I have a dream! I want to give a login to my (as yet undetermined) desktop videoconferencing solution to an author in her home so she can talk to my students. I want to give a login to a guest speaker my teacher invited to talk to her students (a guest speaker with no access …

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Aug 30

Reflections on Desktop Videoconferencing

Last week I taught 3 sessions of Skype for the first time. I found it fascinating and want to share some of the comments and reactions from my teachers. What I Covered An intro to how Skype is used in the classroom: heavily dependent on pictures and videos from Silvia Tolisano. She seems to be …

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Jul 19

Results from Australia Desktop Videoconferencing Project Group


I learned from a post on the Megaconference listserv about this work that was just completed in Australia. Quoting their website: The Desktop Video Project Group (DVPG) was formed to evaluate desktop based video conferencing solutions to be used in Australian Universities and Research institutions. This group believes that there is no “one‐size fits all” …

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Jun 27

Learning about Skype Policies from a Pro

Today in the SIG IVC open house, I had a nice long chat with Joan Roehre from WI who is running Wisconsin HistoryMystery via Skype, connecting students in Guatemala to students in the U.S. and many more cool VCs. Here are some of the tips I learned from her: Teachers don’t get Skype on their …

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Apr 08

Thinking about Polycom CMA Desktop

This post continues the journey to figure out how to get videoconferencing in the 21st century classrooms in our county. Remember my original vision from 2008 as well. The other tool that is really catching my attention is Polycom’s CMA Desktop. When I first learned about Polycom CMA Desktop, it had two drawbacks: the requirement …

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Apr 07

Conflicting Thoughts About Desktop VC in the Classroom

I have to say that I’m still conflicted about this desktop VC thing – trying to get desktop videoconferencing to work on an interactive whiteboard installation. HD Large Monitor After the installation of the LifeSize cart last week, I keep thinking about the quality of HD videoconferencing on a 40-50 inch monitor. It looks so …

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