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Feb 10

Resources and Readings for Green Meetings

For the last several days, we’ve been considering green meetings via videoconference. In this final post, let’s review additional resources and readings: The EPA provides resources for green meetings, however, they are based in an assumption that people will travel to meet together in a physical location. Another group provides 10 tips for Blue Green …

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Feb 09

Paperless Meetings

While this is green meeting month for Berrien RESA, we have not tried to make the meetings also paperless this first go around. We thought we’d ease into this by meeting via videoconference first. But the next step is definitely also creating a  paperless meeting. So what are some tools for making the meeting paperless? …

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Feb 08

Attending Meetings Via Videoconference

So you’re attending your first videoconference meeting? Here are some tips to make your experience more pleasant. Before the Meeting Starts Find out what the indicator of the microphone is for muting and notice when your site is muted or unmuted. In a multipoint videoconference (more than 3), you should mute when you are not …

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Feb 05

Organizing Meetings via Videoconference

As part of our continued celebration of Berrien RESA’s Green Meeting Month, here are some tips on organizing meetings via videoconference. Communication Tips Make sure all sites reserve the room or videoconference system to participate in the meeting. Facilitate the entrance of people into the meeting; welcome them and make sure they can see and …

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Feb 04

Reducing CO2 Emissions with VC Meetings

Not everyone finds CO2 emissions a top priority. In comparison to the savings by avoiding air travel, it seems that skipping a few 2 hour trips to Lansing is minimal. Still, every little bit makes a difference. So let’s build on the calculations of the past couple days to see what difference we could make …

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Feb 03

Green Meetings Save Money: Part 2

District Meetings at Berrien RESA Another type of meeting is the type of meeting we are focusing on for Green Meeting Month: our districts coming to our location for meetings. Let’s see how much time and mileage it costs for all fourteen districts to send someone to a meeting at Berrien RESA. These calculations are …

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Feb 02

Green Meetings Save Money: Part 1

So, why would someone want to have a videoconference meeting instead of traveling? One reason is to save money. So, I thought it would be interesting to calculate the costs of some of our meetings – to be contrasted with meeting via videoconference. Trips to Lansing At least 10-20 people at Berrien RESA, plus several …

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Feb 01

It's Green Meeting Month!

Our superintendent has proclaimed February Green Meeting Month. We have several regularly scheduled monthly meetings that will happen via videoconference this month. Instead of everyone driving here, participants will attend at one of three locations: here, one in south county and one in north county. The responsibility of hosting the additional locations is spread across …

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