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Apr 27

Showing Off VC at a School Opening

Earlier this year we had one of the coolest VCs that we’ve done. It was very simple really, but it was who attended that made it cool! Her Royal Highness, The Princess Anne, was attending a school opening at one of our collaborative partner schools in Wales. The school officials wanted Princess Anne to see …

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Apr 01

How to Expand a Collaboration: Poetry with England


Note: This is a real post; even though it’s April 1. This week we’ve had 14 classes in England and Michigan connect together to share poetry! We’ve had performances, recitations with actions and motions, and even costumes! What a celebration of words! Thank you to Heather Hadfield for collaborating with us! Note the technology is …

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Mar 18

Read Around the Planet with Wales and Allendale

Cross-posted with the MACUL conference blog. Karen Mosier is hosting the first session in the TWICE room this morning (W2-66!). The session is on Read Around the Planet, TWICE‘s signature global reading celebration. A class from Allendale Michigan, is connecting with the Nant Celyn school, in Torfaen, Wales to show how a Read Around the …

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Mar 10

Snippets of Read Around the Planet


It’s been a great couple of weeks with Read Around the Planet 2011! We had 63 classes participate this year; and only a few of those are getting rescheduled. It’s been pretty busy, so I haven’t been able to blog too much of it; but I did capture some pictures and little snippets to share …

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Mar 09

ASK Author with Eric Walters


The last three days we’ve been working with York Region District School Board in Ontario to share author Eric Walters between our schools. We’ve also shared it across Canada with other classes in Ontario and British Columbia as well. We split the author fee among all the schools participating. We’ve been collaborating like this for …

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Feb 01

How to Find International Partners

This is an update of a previous post from six years ago! Time to refresh! So, you want to connect with an international school for a videoconference. Now what do you do? Here’s how I find international partner classes for my teachers. First, think about times Before you even start looking for a partner, do …

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Dec 01

Why You Should Participate in Read Around the Planet 2011

Note: This post is written from my role as a member of the TWICE CAPspace and Read Around the Planet Committee. Today (December 1) registration opens for Read Around the Planet 2011. To prepare, let’s consider top ten reasons to participate in Read Around the Planet 2011 10. You want to celebrate reading! Many classes …

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Nov 22

Is VC an Expensive Luxury?

This morning I had the privilege of presenting some of my research to the Schools Videoconference User Group in the UK. Here are a few interesting tidbits & comments. Safety and Videoconferencing I didn’t get to hear this presentation due to its early morning time, however, I checked out Heather’s slides. You should too. See …

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Sep 21

Three Main Ways I Find Partner Classes

This morning I had a great conversation with Tim Boundy, who coordinates videoconferencing for JANET in the UK. We compared notes on projects we’re running, the trials and challenges of scaling collaborations, and the different ways to partner classes. In the course of the discussion, I realized there are three main ways that I make …

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Sep 09

Continuum of Videoconferencing Collaborations


We’ve looked at a continuum of equipment/software solutions for videoconferencing, a continuum of interactivity, and a continuum of depth of learning. Today, let’s think about a continuum of collaboration. We can think about it on several levels. Continuum of WHO Collaborates Students may collaborate within the classroom to solve a problem posed by the other …

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