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Apr 20

Sign Up for Two Awesome ISTE Videoconference Workshops

It’s time to sign up for ISTE workshops! (Denver, June 27-30). I hope you are planning to attend the ISTE conference this year, as there is a great line up of videoconference related content (both standards based videoconferencing and Skype videoconferencing). In addition, on Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm there will be a …

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Jun 30

More Virtual NECC Goodies

Here’s my last set of snippets from virtually attending NECC 09: A discussion on NECC Ning by Richard Hum on Finding Balance (Richard Hum of Kigluait Adventures) Global Collaboration Buzzword or Educational Reality by Carol Anne McGuire blogged by Wes Fryer (thanks Wes, great summary!!) This project sounds sooooo cool! Will Richardson’s commentary on the …

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Jun 30

Virtual NECC: ISTE Vision

This morning I found ISTE Vision and watched the debate while following the comments on Twitter. THAT was really fun! Lots of comments about change in instructional pedagogy whether online or in a physical location. I *think* it will be on ISTE Vision later so you can watch it if you missed it. Here are …

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Jun 29

Virtual NECC Goodies for Monday

As I catch up on Twitter and blogs & Virtual NECC this morning, a few snippets stand out: A tour of the Washington Memorials by Doug Johnson Imagine what tools could be on the web! Tons of tools, what to choose? The emphasis on educational networking or social learning from Doug Johnson Since I’m attending …

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Jun 25

Virtually Following NECC Part 2

There are other ways that I’m planning to virtually follow what’s going on at NECC this year. Twitter I set up two searches in TweetDeck for following NECC. One search for NECC related things: “NECC OR NECC09 OR NECC2009″ Another for the SIGIVC hashtag: NECCIVC Also you may want to follow these people that I …

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Jun 24

Virtually Following NECC Part 1

This year I can’t attend NECC due to a family conflict, so I’ll be trying to catch a taste of the action online. I thought I’d start today with a list of IVC and videoconferencing related sessions that I could find on the schedule. H323 Videoconferencing (I think) June 27, 8:30 EST Students Designing Interactive …

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Jul 07

Last Notes from NECC

I’m just cleaning off my computer desktop from NECC and a few scribbles here and there. I lost two video clips due to somehow losing the sound on them. Very frustrating. But I wanted to mention these two poster sessions in case you missed them. Dissolving Boundaries in Ireland Nigel Metcalfe, from the National University …

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Jul 02

A Tale of Three Cities: Poetry, Performance, Teamwork, Technology, Learning

This presentation at NECC 2008 is by Global Writes. The program brings a writing workshop to the classroom. The teaching artist spend several weeks in the classroom and serves as a professional poet role model in their classroom. The technology is used to bring students together to perform their poems. It’s 4-12th grade students. Authentic …

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Jul 02

Model Lesson with Linda McDonald

Wednesday morning at NECC. I’m at Linda McDonald‘s model lesson session. Before the session started, Linda gave the students a lecture on how to behave on a videoconference. It was great to hear her tell them to behave as if their mom or grandma were watching. A quality videoconference partnership includes three things: higher order …

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Jul 01

Amy Chayefsky's Read Around the Planet Story

At NECC 2008, Amy Chayefsky about a funny sound experience with Read Around the Planet 2008 and the teachers’ reaction. If the YouTube video below is blocked for you, try this link to the same video on TeacherTube.

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