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Jan 04

Videoconferencing Adjectives

I’m continuing this little mini-series with some of the results from a recent survey of my top VC-using teachers. Read more about it in the first post of this series. Remember, they are using videoconferencing to support curriculum instruction (not full length courses). The question featured in this post is the following: If your principal …

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Jan 02

Negative Things About Using VC in the Classroom

Yesterday we began this little journey of examining results from a little survey I did last May. Review the previous post for more information on the survey. Today, let’s look at the companion question: Please identify three to five negative things about using videoconferencing in your classroom. What words jump out at you this time? …

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Jan 01

Positive Things Abut Using VC in the Classroom

Last May (2008), I asked twenty of my teachers who used VC most often to complete a little survey. This is the beginning of sharing the results. Each teacher had used videoconferencing at least 6 times in the school year, and the teacher using it the most had done 12 videoconferences in the 2007-2008 school …

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Aug 12

Fall Professional Development

What kind of videoconference professional development opportunities are you giving to the teachers and schools you support this year? I just got my forms and options listed online for my schools, so thought I’d share what I’m up to. RUS Grant We’re in the third year of our RUS grant implementation, and some schools are …

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Feb 21

Point-to-Point MysteryQuests

This week I’ve been facilitating three Point-to-Point MysteryQuests for Reed Middle School in Bridgman, MI. They connected to MO, NJ, and CA. It’s our first time running MysteryQuests in just an hour with just one other school. The time frame better fits the traditional middle school schedule and makes it easier for the teachers to …

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Feb 04

In the words of a teacher

I’m running the Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections class again. Here’s a comment you’ll enjoy. This from Karen Ennesser, Dowagiac Middle School, who participated in Eco-Conversations in December. Dowagiac Middle School is one of our RUS grant buildings too. I personally feel that every school should use VC. The benefits to my special education and Title …

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Dec 21

Supporting VCs Fall Series

Two weeks ago I finished up the last session in a new professional development series I offered to my videoconference coordinators. I wanted to offer this as another alternative for meeting the “long course” requirement for the videoconference coordinators in my RUS grant buildings. I’m requiring the videoconference coordinator to take one of my online …

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Dec 18

International Eco-Conversations: Carbon Emissions

Last week we had five sessions over two days of our Eco-Conversations project. Dowagiac Middle School connected to five different schools to discuss carbon emissions.  Here are some notes I wrote during the sessions: The presentation from Westcliff High School for Girls included a play on “The Weakest Link”. Five students were interviewed about how …

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Sep 06

AverMedia QuickPlay

Yesterday an AverMedia QuickPlay came in the mail from Troxell Communications. We ordered one to see if it would work for our RUS Grant building carts. This will allow the teachers to hook up a computer to share their presentations for the project VCs with other classes. I’m really pleased with the little unit. It’s …

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Jun 05

Final Report Reflections

Final Report Numbers Last week I posted our final report online and have been mulling over the implications since. Largely due to the RUS grant, our districts averaged a 400% increase in usage this year. We almost doubled our total usage across the whole service area for the second year in a row. This year …

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