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Mar 04

Video Interviews

While I was out in Nebraska a few weeks ago, John Stritt, Distance Education Director at ESU 10 interviewed me for their video podcast series. There are three little clips, very professionally done. Video 1 (4 min) An overview of videoconference collaborations created by Berrien RESA for southwest Michigan schools. Video 2 (11 min) An …

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Jan 08

ESC 11 Workshop Online

October 17, 2007, I did a workshop on Collaborations Around the Planet and Read Around the Planet for ESC 11’s Conference. Thanks to Google Alerts, I found out the video recording of the workshop is online. Feel free to use it if you want.

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Feb 27

The Ultimate Gift Movie Interview

Today we have a special videoconference on the book and movie The Ultimate Gift, organized and sponsored by Polycom. Students from California, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas interviewed the author, Jim Stovall; the screen writer Cheryl McKay; and the lead actor, Drew Fuller. Macomb ISD provided the bridging and facilitation. Thank you for Jim Wenzloff, …

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Feb 23

CBS Features VC Field Trips

Just received this tip from Bob Dixon via several listservs. CBS did a story on virtual field trips that is nice and concise and features several content providers we’re familiar with. Great student quotes too. The clip also features Jody Kennedy, who has written several articles about videoconferencing. These are the ones I know of. …

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Feb 23

Interviewing Congressman Fred Upton

This morning Coloma Jr. High, Marcellus Middle School, New Buffalo High School, River Valley High School, Ross Beatty High School, and St. Joseph High School participated in an interview with Congressman Fred Upton. Students had prepared questions ahead of time. The discussion covered a myriad of topics including stem cell research, global warming, illegal immigration …

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Feb 22

MysteryQuest with Nicaragua

Today we have a special treat for MysteryQuest Western Hemisphere. We have a class from Nicaragua participating! We are also using the Polycom RSS in a unique way. My local school’s system went on the fritz this week. We don’t know why it quit working and the problem seems to be network related. MysteryQuests are …

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Jan 24

Recorded ASK Training

I just finished recording my general ASK training from this evening. This covers the ASK programs available to our teachers, how to prepare for an ASK program, the ASK video done by Macomb ISD, and includes practice actually participating in an ASK program. Here’s the streaming link. Handouts referenced are: List of Berrien RESA ASK …

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Jan 23

ASK Jim Stovall Training

Yesterday evening we had the training for the ASK Ultimate Gift Videoconference coming up in March. This is “ASK Deluxe” with the ASK process plus blogging. You can read about past ASK Ultimate Gift programs and view the December 14 session. The training has been archived on the Polycom RSS (on loan to BCISD from …

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Jan 19

NASA Video Clip

If you’re not reading Scott Merrick’s blog, you should check out this video clip he posted of their session with NASA on the solar system. Thanks Scott for putting this online to give us a taste of NASA programs! (The picture is from Scott’s blog too.)

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Jan 17

I Cloned Myself!

Since we received the Polycom RSS (on loan from Polycom for Polycom special events), I’ve had some ideas for how we could use it. One was to record the PD sessions I do for teachers. That way when I can’t do a VC for others, they can at least access an archive. So today I …

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