MysteryQuest World Student Comments

I’m cleaning up my MysteryQuest World site (to meet the new standard), and so I need to archive these on another site. Here they are for your enjoyment!

Kids’ Comments

Lance Middle School, Kenosha, WI

  • I learned that you can have a video thing with people in other places.
  • I learned how to look up facts and have fun at the same time.
  • I learned about teamwork.
  • I learned how to use all kinds of references.
  • I learned how to use an atlas and other resources better.
  • I learned how to work with other people in a group. It was nice to see the people in my group helping each other.
  • I liked the TV talk. I thought it was amazing.
  • I think the best part was researching because it was fun using all of the clues.
  • The best part was the camera because we got to talk to different states.
  • The best part was when we got to see the other people in different states.
  • The best part of it was our whole group working together to find answers.
  • It was fun because we got to use maps, atlases, and the computers.
  • I loved today. It was so fun and it was a good experience for teamwork and cooperation.
  • It was the biggest event of the year! I would tell other kids how awesome it was.
  • I loved it. It was awesome. We were so lucky. I would do over and over again.

30 replies on “MysteryQuest World Student Comments”

  1. Fang Woolridge says:

    I’m sure students will be interested to use it in the classroom.

  2. Angela R says:

    I think students would be interested in the process and would ask a lot of questions.

    • Gina Willmon says:

      Gina Willmon says:

      I think the students would absorb so much more information and be more interested in learning.

  3. Lindita Bleta says:

    My high school students loved VC!

  4. Tanya Solomon says:

    Our 4th grade students enjoyed talking to students from other schools.

  5. Andrea Wooten says:

    I know my students would enjoy talking/learning from other schools!

  6. Nancy Longino says:

    Anything other than the boredom of books is a good idea.

  7. ã says:

    It would take a couple of times to master this but once I did I think my students would enjoy the experience.

  8. Whitney Gibson says:

    My students would love this. Most do not ever venture out of the county let alone different cities with their families.

  9. Kimberly Adams says:

    This would be an awesome experience for my students

  10. Angela Barefoot says:

    I work with special needs students and I believe that they would love to experience VC.

  11. Wanda S Poindexter says:

    Wanda Poindexter
    January 6, 2017
    I remember the first time I participated with a video conference as a student in graduate classes. It does feel like it opens up the world and gives you confidence using technology.

  12. Destinee McDaniel says:

    Im sure the students in our district would love to experience using VC.

  13. Toni G Douthit says:

    Students would retain much more content. Being able to demonstrate and involve the students in a process is much more stimulating for them.

  14. Ursula says:

    I think that our Anatomy and Physiology classes use it regularly. The students always have positive remarks about the experience.

  15. Tara COnroy says:

    Students would enjoy this more then reading out of a book and find it more interesting then hearing their teacher all day.

  16. Nancy Johns says:

    I think students would love it!

  17. Rebecca Walther says:

    Since it is so real world, I bet my students will love it.

  18. Marisol Mercado says:

    I feel my students would love this! This world is driven my technology

  19. Rickey Vandenburg says:

    With the movement of technology in schools today this is great.

  20. Marquita Rawlins says:

    My students love it! But it must be engaging for them.

  21. Jennifer Rickman says:

    I am sure that my kids would enjoy this. It would bring a new aspect into the classroom!

  22. Leslie Crow says:

    I can’t wait to hear my own students make some of the same comments.

  23. amy d norris says:

    Students would enjoy doing this!

  24. Gabrielle Julia Meret says:

    Students would like this!

  25. Moises Sanchez says:

    My students would definitely love it!

  26. kathy says:

    I think the students would love this!

  27. Sauileoge Toafa says:

    My kids would find this very cool!

  28. Charles Ryan says:

    Polled my students if we used this type of learning and nothing but positive feedback!

  29. Nicolle Watkins says:

    I would definitely poll/survey my students first, before proceeding.

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