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20 Days

Improve your videoconferencing skills in job-embedded tasks and readings.

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20 Days to a Better VC Coordinator Challenge

Welcome to a new challenge! After participating in Steve Dembo’s 30 Days to a Better Blogger Challenge in November ‘08, I thought it would be fun to create a challenge for VC coordinators. I invited Roxanne Glaser to join me, so we will be collaborating and cross-posting each day’s challenge on our respective blogs. Since …

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20 Days to Better VC Projects

Roxanne Glaser and I are doing another 20 Days Challenge this year! This time we are focusing on improving and scaling videoconference projects. We’re targeting school level coordinators as our primary audience, but we know district and regional level VC coordinators will benefit from this exercise too. We will be collaborating and cross-posting each day’s …

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20 Days to Teaching Interactive Online Courses

Welcome to this 20 Day Challenge to Teaching Interactive Online Courses. Each week day for the next few weeks, you will receive in your inbox tips and tricks for teaching online. The tips will be organized to guide you through the first few critical weeks of your course, providing support to ensure the success of …

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talk like a techie11

Talk Like a Techie: 20 Day VC Challenge

It’s time for the 3rd annual 20 Day Challenge on videoconferencing topics, written by Roxanne Glaser and Janine Lim! This year we tackle the complicated and challenging area of the technical aspects of videoconferencing. In K12 education, it’s often hard to find someone with knowledge of how standards-based (H.323) videoconferencing interacts with the district network. …

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    […] January, we write these 20 Day Video Conference Challenges to share our experiences with others. In the early days of video conferencing, it was cumbersome […]

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