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Gingerbread Castle

Last week Andrea asked me about my Christmas holiday. She remembered the castle trip from last year. Well this year, we stayed home and I read a lot. But I did have some family-&-friends-fun-time too! We made a gingerbread castle and you can see the pictures here. My sister-in-law got me started on this hobby and you can see other projects we’ve done too. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! Pics from Ireland

Several of you know that we spent Christmas with my family in a castle in Ireland. What an incredible experience! So here’s some promised pictures.

Ballyportry Castle, Ireland
Ballyporty Castle, near Corafin, Ireland. We stayed there 9 days with 8 adults and 3 kids under 7. What a blast!

Inside one of the rooms. The only one with a wooden floor. The rest were stone floors. Brrrr. We were grateful for incredibly warm wool blankets and turf fires.

The view from the top of the castle (during a moment of rare sunshine).

We went totally offline. No Internet, no TV, no microwave, in the castle! A restful break. If you want to see even more pictures, head on over to my personal home page.

Hope you had a good break too. Best wishes for great VCs in the new year!