Integrating the McREL and Marzano research on classroom instruction that works with videoconferencing, particularly collaborative projects.

  1. Setting Objectives
  2. Providing Feedback
  3. Providing Recognition
  4. Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers
  5. Nonlinguistic Representation
  6. Summarizing and Notetaking
  7. Cooperative Learning
  8. Reinforcing Effort
  9. Identifying Similarities and Differences
  10. Homework and Practice
  11. Generating and Testing Hypotheses

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  1. […] need to examine as we move forward with our plans for next year. Finally, based on Janine’s recent posts about Marzano I ordered 2 copies of the book – one for myself/ourselves at the VCRLN and one to give away as a […]

  2. […] do a KWL before the connection so we’d get higher quality questions. We also talked about Marzano’s strategies and how to use them to increase interactive in videoconferencing; and talked about logistics of […]

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