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The Development of an Instrument for K12 Coordinators Implementing Curriculum Videoconferencing and a Model to Predict Utilization of Videoconferencing
My dissertation

Blogging My Dissertation
A discussion of the results with the VC community

Mentoring & Coaching Videoconference Coordinators
A series of posts based in the literature.

Top Teachers
A summary of a little research study I did on the top teachers using VC in 2007-2008.

Videoconference Literature Review
Some of the reviews that I did when writing the literature review for my dissertation.

Communication and Videoconferencing
A series of posts examining communication aspects of videoconferencing.

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Blogging My Dissertation: A VC Community Discussion

This page holds a series of posts on the results of my dissertation, inviting comments and reflection from the VC community. Blogging My Dissertation Theoretical Framework Descriptive Results Measuring Utilization of Videoconferencing School Demographics: Are They Representative? Coordinator Demographics: Gender, Age, Years in Education, Years Experience with VC, Ethnicity, Level of Education Coordinator Demographics: Countries, …

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Mentoring VC Coordinators

The following posts are part of a series examining research and theory on mentoring from the perspective of mentoring school videoconference coordinators. Why? It is my belief that the school videoconference coordinator is critical to the successful implementation of curriculum videoconferencing in the school. I also believe that it’s critical that the school videoconference coordinator …

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Research on Communication and VC

This series of posts examines articles on the communication aspects of videoconferencing. Baber, J. R. (1996). Re-visioning corporate communication: A case study of videoconferencing implementation. Retrieved from ProQuest Digital Dissertations. (AAT 9700122) Baker, G. A. (2000). Understanding the role of information technology in supporting geographically dispersed teams: An experimental study. Retrieved from ProQuest Digital Dissertations. …

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Top Teachers

In May 2008, I surveyed twenty K-12 teachers in my area who had done 6 to 12 videoconferences with their students in the 2007-2008 school year. They were my top teachers using videoconferencing. The following posts report on the results of this little research study. 5 Positive Things About Using VC in the Classroom 5 …

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VC Literature Review

VC Literature Review I’m working on a review of the literature, especially the research studies on videoconferencing, specifically those focusing on issues related to curriculum videoconferencing. This page is a collection of my blog posts that are notes about the articles I’m reading. The posts have a link to the place I found the article, …

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