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Jun 30

Videoconference Playground at ISTE

Pirate Captain Roxanne Glaser and @Tparks, pirate volunteer

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Video conference Playground at the ISTE 2011 Conference. For those of you who missed this amazing event, here are a few resources you should review! The Video conference Playground Wiki: Check out the list of Content Providers we featured this year. Review the Videoconference Continuum. Video conference technologies (carts, group …

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Jun 28

Thanking my Pirate Helpers

I had over 100 participants in my ISTE Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) session on CAPspace today (Collaborations Around the Planet). Great attendance, but wow, what a lot of people! I knew I couldn’t handle it myself, with all the account creation and questions. So, I recruited several of the SIG IVC pirates to assist …

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Jun 28

Collaborations Around the Planet: Social Networking for Educational Videoconferencing

Links for today’s ISTE Bring Your Own Laptop workshop: Collaborations Around the Planet / CAPspace TWICE Polycom (sponsor of CAPspace) More about standards-based videoconferencing: VC Continuum Videoconference Playground, Wednesday 9 – 1 pm, 2nd floor bridge area BYOL Workshop Evaluation Please complete this ISTE evaluation form. Additional resources Designing Quality Videoconference Project workshop links 20 …

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Jun 26

Designing Quality Videoconference Projects

ISTE workshop this morning! Here are links and resources Roxanne Glaser and I are using in the workshop: Our Websites Berrien RESA Distance Learning Whirlidurb Research Top Teachers Research Skype Resources Education.skype.com VC Out on a Lim Skype Resources Around the World with 80 Schools Skype vs. H323 Comparison Sample Projects EcoConversations MysteryQuest Monster Mayhem …

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Apr 27

Showing Off VC at a School Opening

Earlier this year we had one of the coolest VCs that we’ve done. It was very simple really, but it was who attended that made it cool! Her Royal Highness, The Princess Anne, was attending a school opening at one of our collaborative partner schools in Wales. The school officials wanted Princess Anne to see …

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Apr 20

Exciting Changes in the VC Industry

Did you see these blog posts yesterday? H.323 and Skype on the Blue Jeans Network (Thanks Wes for a great review!) LifeSize Enables Skype on the Passport (was hoping for this news after Logitech bought LifeSize) And, in other news: Just got an iPad2 for a family member, and was very disappointed to find out …

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Apr 01

How to Expand a Collaboration: Poetry with England


Note: This is a real post; even though it’s April 1. This week we’ve had 14 classes in England and Michigan connect together to share poetry! We’ve had performances, recitations with actions and motions, and even costumes! What a celebration of words! Thank you to Heather Hadfield for collaborating with us! Note the technology is …

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Mar 31

Career Interviewing Collaboration Idea

From the files and archives from our old website, I found this collaboration idea. It was written in our first year or so of doing VC in 2000-ish. Sharing here to archive it. Maybe you can build on this idea for your career classes? Teacher Author of This Lesson Idea: Lisa Brady School: Galien High …

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Mar 18

21st Century Communication with TWICE

Cross-posted with the MACUL conference blog. Here are the resources and links featured in my session at MACUL, 21st Century Communication with TWICE. We connected to Eagle Lake Elementary in Edwardsburg, for a feature of Where in Michigan; the ASK programs, and Read Around the Planet. Where in Michigan (and Michigan Exchange) TWICE ASK programs …

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Mar 18

Read Around the Planet with Wales and Allendale

Cross-posted with the MACUL conference blog. Karen Mosier is hosting the first session in the TWICE room this morning (W2-66!). The session is on Read Around the Planet, TWICE‘s signature global reading celebration. A class from Allendale Michigan, is connecting with the Nant Celyn school, in Torfaen, Wales to show how a Read Around the …

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