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Lest We Forget: Korean War

Today we had another Lest We Forget session with our Korean War veterans. We had high school classes from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas participating.

Our panel members today were (l to r) Jim O’Malley, Redmond Sage, Al Rosinski, and Bill Gobert. Here is a sample of the questions students asked:

  • How much sleep did you get?
  • Do you think we should still have the draft?
  • Did you have any fond memories while you were overseas?
  • What did people do to support the Korean War at home?
  • I studied about Taskforce Smith. Why did we go into the war when we weren’t ready?
  • Were you drafted or did you volunteer?
  • What did you think of Truman firing MacArthur?
  • How did the local Korean population treat you?
  • Who decided to divide Korea?
  • What books or movies do you recommend to learn about the Korean War?
  • What did you miss most when you were overseas?

Mr. Bill Gobert brought his sleeping bag to illustrate the cold conditions. In this picture you can see how he modeled this experience for the students.

The veterans always appreciate patriotic decoration for these videoconferences, which this ROTC group did very well:

As always, these videoconferences are a great opportunity for students to hear first hand experiences from historical events. In addition, the veterans sure appreciate the opportunity to tell their stories and know that the younger generation is interested in their perspective.

We still have room in the May 14 Vietnam sessions, and we’d love to have YOUR class join us!

Lest We Forget: Veterans Day

To celebrate Veterans Day today, we have 4 sessions with panels of our World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Students from MI and TX are interviewing our local veterans. Here are some of the questions students asked today:

  • Where did you sleep when you were in active duty?
  • Have you ever been back to where you fought?
  • What was the worst thing you ever ate?
  • How were you treated when you came home from the war?
  • What advice would you give a student who is being encouraged to go into the service?
  • Do you feel it was necessary to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
  • Was it hard to run with all the supplies on your back?
  • Who inspired you to serve our country?
  • Tell us about the medals on your uniform.
  • Would you really give your life for our country?
  • How would you compare the war you fought with the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Lowe Elementary students taking notesThis is the first group that I have noticed actually used the new note taking sheet I created. It has four squares for locations (to look up on the map later), historical facts, stories, and service/patriotism. It was great to see the students taking notes!

09-11-11uniformsOne of the classes was a Jr. ROTC group, and our veterans really enjoyed seeing the uniforms!

Throughout the day, we had several different veterans participate:

9:30 EST / 8:30 CST
left-to-right: Ray Sreboth, WW II; Lynn Rayle, Vietnam; Jess Bowman, Vietnam
left-to-right: Ray Sreboth, WW II; Lynn Rayle, Vietnam; Jess Bowman, Vietnam

10:45 EST / 9:45 CST
left-to-right: Ray Sreboth, WW II; Don Sprung, WW II; Al Rosinski, Korea; Jess Bowman, Vietnam

12:30 EST / 11:30 CST and 1:45 EST / 12:45 CST
left-to-right: Arden Pridgeon, WW II; Al Rosinski, Korea; Edwin Heiden, Vietnam; Weldon Burden, Vietnam

We have additional interviews coming up, including December 7 with World War II. We’d love to have you join us!