2 V2IUs Successfully Installed

Two Polycom V2IU 4300T firewall traversal units were installed in two of my districts during the last two days. These two districts are part of my RUS grant and we were not able to make H323 work through their firewalls. So this is my first experience with firewall traversal, not counting the demo unit we tried out this summer.

All the tests we did this summer for the WAN side configuration still worked great. Connecting to my Tandberg Gatekeeper & Gateway worked fine still too. I’m glad because the gatekeeper is on a new version since the summer tests. Yeah for H323 standards!

I learned two things about setting up the Polycoms behind the V2IU.

  1. NAT has to be disabled on the Polycom VSX 7000. The endpoint just knows its internal IP and the V2IU as its gatekeeper.
  2. The endpoint gets registered with the V2IU as its gatekeeper and then the V2IU registers with the WAN side gatekeeper – my Tandberg Gatekeeper. And voila everything works.

This is our first year also having districts with multiple units. So our next puzzle has been – how do we have the endpoints within the same district network call each other? I have one district where it works and another where it doesn’t. The rest we haven’t tried yet. So I asked the Polycom field engineer how these units behind the V2IU will call each other – and the answer is – they call each other using their e.164 or H323 alias. So I learned yet another thing today! It’s likely that’s the solution in the district where it doesn’t work. More testing to do and one more puzzle solved.

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  1. can you suggest where ti place the v2iu 5300s in the network.
    there are 2 firewall stages in the network.
    wee had RMX2000 and GK aslo the endpoints are placed inside and outside the HQ.

  2. Hi,

    I have just installed a V2iu 5300e25 at my university same configuration you described in the article public/private border.

    The V2iu is connected directly to the internet by the Wan Interface and to our LAN

    Configured with Embedded Gatekeeper.

    One Polycom 7000 in Public Address in front of Firewall.

    2 Polycom 7000 behind it, registered to the V2IU as the gatekeeper.

    I performed almost the same test that you did.

    1. Dial out to Polycom (public IP) endpoint. Called out to my Polycom VSX Worked great.

    2. Dial in from Polycom endpoint. My Polycom called in (using the extension box on the top right). Did not work.

    3. Dial in from Polycom PVX endpoint with my laptop fronm other Public IP (ISP Provider). Did not work.

    4. Dial out to Polycom MGC. Called Polycom Lobby MCU bridge fine (IP address dial in – gave the MGC the V2IU external IP address).

    As you can see my dial in test did not work.

    What configurations settings did you use in the V2IU?

    When you dialed IN did you use ext@IPADDRESS?


    Jose Aviles, MCSA, CSSA, DCSE, CSA, ENA-PS

    Coordinator Center of Integrated Communications

    Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

    2250 Avenida Las Americas, Suite 625

    Ponce, PR 00717-9997

    Tel. 787-841-2000 ext. 1976

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