A is for Animal

It’s tough to find a good program for young children, but one of the great choices is A is for Animal from the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The program builds on the sculptures and paintings at the Cleveland Museum of Art. At first the presenter asks the students if they’ve done a VC and lets them wave to break the ice.

The program consists of lots of questions and asking questions about what they are looking at. The students comment on what they see and also identify different objects in the paintings or on the sculptures. For example:

  • What sound do you think the dog is making?
  • What does it look like the dog is doing?
  • What would the dog feel like if we could pet him?
  • What do you think the dog is looking at?

Baby polar bearThe students see a sculpture of a cat, a bear, along with pictures of the live animals as part of the lesson. Some of the pictures and sculptures are of imaginary animals. Students identify which animals they see in the imaginary animals.

The students were highly involved, talking, sharing ideas, and learning. This is a great program for young students.

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