Animal Adaptations: San Diego Zoo

This morning New Buffalo Elementary is connecting to the San Diego Zoo for the last videoconference of the school year.

San Diego Zoo birdsThe program began with students reviewing what adaptations are and introducing students to the videoconference format. Next the students predict what animal she will bring out after giving some information, and the students saw the birds and identified the adaptations that the birds have – wings, beaks, etc.

HedgehogThe program includes other small live animals, clips of large animals like the polar bear. During the whole session the presenter is asking questions to get the students to think about the adaptations and how the adaptations help the animal.

This group of students were very well prepared with questions like:

  • What kind of habitat does this animal live in?
  • How would you feel if this animal went extinct?

Students also learned very interesting facts about the various animals. Did you know that giraffes love raw onions?

The students really enjoyed this program and learned lots about animal adaptations. This was our first time to the San Diego Zoo, and I think we’ll be going again, if we can continue to work around their policy of not taking school POs!

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