ASK Author: Trapped in Ice

08-02-05trapped.jpgToday we’ve had four sessions of ASK with Canadian author Eric Walters. This program is the fulfillment of about 3 years of trying to find a book and author or specialist for our 6th grade students who study Canada. I am ever grateful to Gillian Patrick of York Region District School Board in Ontario for partnering with us to make this ASK program a success. We split the cost of the author, and they hosted him at one of their schools, and we shared the sessions between our schools. A great partnership!

The students read Eric’s book Trapped in Ice and prepared for the conference using the ASK process. Eric definitely beat the records of all our other authors and specialists, averaging about 65 questions per session. Incredible!

  • In the book, the children were shielded from bad news. When you were growing up, did your parents not tell you something you wanted to know?
  • How would the story be different if they had a metal boat instead of a wooden boat?
  • What is the most challenging part of writing a historical fiction book?
  • Who designed the cover and how did they do it?
  • Why did you decide to write historical stories?
  • Why did you pick Helen to narrate the story?
  • Do you like your book or do you wish you could go back and touch it up?
  • Do you have advice for us when we’re writing our stories in class?
  • How did you choose and develop the characters in the book?
  • Have you ever disagreed with an editor?
  • Do you have any books with characters based on you?
  • Do you use a graphic organizer to write out your books?

Students learned about the writing process and some Canadian history with many laughs and jokes interspersed throughout the program. I look forward to hearing feedback from my schools and I’m sure we’ll be doing program again in the future.

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