ASK: Clever Beatrice

Today I’m bridging a set of ASK programs for TWICE with author Margaret Willey on her book Clever Beatrice, a fairy tale set in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan.

We have two of my local classes participating, Three Oaks Elementary and Hollywood Elementary, as well as several classes across Michigan and one from Texas.

Ms. Willey’s husband is French Canadian from Ottawa Canada, which explains her interest in the lumberjacks in both Michigan and Canada.

As usual, the students’ questions are very fun to hear, as well as the answers to them! Here is a sampling of the questions:

  • Do you think the giant will ever realize that Beatrice tricked him?
  • We noticed at the beginning of the story the giant is rich but he doesn’t seem to work very hard. Do you think it’s important to know how he got rich?
  • It didn’t seem like Mr. Giant had family with him. Why did he live alone?
  • Do you think Beatrice’s mother wanted her to go to the giant?
  • What will Beatrice do when she grows up?
  • How long did it take to get Clever Beatrice published?
  • Where do you sit or where you go to start writing a book?

ASK programs always amaze me. The quality of student’s questions is incredible. Clearly they have thought carefully about their reading. Ms. Willey commented that she appreciated the students’ questions too.

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