ASK: Ice Bear and Little Fox

Today we’re trying out our first ASK program on the book Ice Bear and Little Fox. E. P. Clarke Elementary and Countryside Academy 2nd grade students have read the book and prepared good questions. We started with 20 min. or so of the Indianapolis Zoo’s Polar Bear program, and the moved into the ASK question and answer portion. Here’s a sample of some of the questions:

  • How often do polar bears have to eat?
  • How many orcas would there be in a group that was hunting for food?
  • Where else do polar bears live?
  • What do polar bears eat besides seals?
  • Why don’t polar bears drink water?
  • How do seals make breathing holes in the ice?

This is an easy ASK program to do if you’re looking to start this program in your area. Just sign up for the polar bear program and ask them to give more time for students’ questions. Have the teacher follow the ASK process to prepare the students.

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