ASK: Jim Stovall Live Streaming Dec. 14

If you’ve been wanting to see an ASK program, Thursday is your chance! December 14, several classes across the country are connecting to blind author Jim Stovall to discuss his book, The Ultimate Gift. You can read about last year’s session here.

To access the live streaming (or a recording after the event), visit and login (polycom) enter the password (special). (This is a Polycom Special Event.)

The sessions are at 12:00-1:00 US EST and 1:30-2:30 US EST. You can connect in 10 min. before the session starts to access the live streaming. Then leave a comment on how the streaming worked for you. We’re using the new Polycom RSS 2000 for the streaming (for the first time), so I’m interested in your feedback.

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  1. We’ve used the RSS 2000 for recording VC events very successfully but haven’t tried the streaming piece. I’m interested to hear (and hopefully see) how it works!

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