ASK: Lest We Forget: World War II

Today we had another session of our ASK: Lest We Forget sessions. Students interviewed a panel of five local World War II veterans. I’ve written about it before: December 7 and The Greatest Generation. So you can read those to get more information about it. My favorite question from today was, “What items did you keep with you to keep you motivated?” One of our local veterans was married just before he shipped out, and now he is celebrating his 65th year of marriage!

I recorded today’s session on the RSS 2000 we have on loan from Polycom for special events. You can watch it here. Because one of the schools didn’t have permission for the students to be online, I forced the video to the veterans only. So you won’t see the students, but you’ll hear their questions.

We also have room in the session with our Vietnam Veterans coming up on May 23, if you want to participate with us. Check the website for the latest availability.

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