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Since Wikispaces closed down in 2018, I’ve been archiving my wikis here on my blog. One wiki took a lot longer than the others due to the volume of information on it. That is the ASK Process wiki.

ASK, Authors Specialist and Knowledge, provides students with the opportunity to interview an author or a subject specialist in the topic they are reading about in a novel. The program uses excellent children’s literature, journal writing, and interviewing to promote reading for understanding.

This wiki was designed as a one stop shop, pointing to all the different ASK programs offered by a variety of organizations. There are two goals for this wiki:

  • To provide a place for teachers to find ASK programs to sign up for (NOTE the availability – not all programs are open to everyone)
  • To provide a place for videoconference coordinators to learn how they could offer ASK programs for their schools

The wiki is now archived at

The Macomb Intermediate School Districct is where the ASK process with videoconferencing started, and they are still running it in 2020. So be sure to check out their site as well. Macomb ISD staff mentored several organizations in running the ASK programs over the years.

If you love books and technology, and haven’t heard of this structured format, I highly recommend that you take some time to learn about it!

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