ASK: Traders in Time

Today we have a full day of ASK programs with Janie Panagopoulos, author of many books about Michigan history, among other things. E.P. Clarke Elementary, St. Joseph is hosting, the Berrien County ISD is bridging, and TWICE is sponsoring the cost for member schools participating.

Janie’s stories are so interesting and funny. She has so many interesting stories to answer the students’ questions. Here are some of the questions I enjoyed today:

  • In the book the two boys argue all the time. How is it that two people who didn’t get along ended up working together? Have you ever worked with someone you didn’t get along with?
  • Why did you choose boys as the main characters?
  • Of all the food in the book, which do you like the best?
  • One student started his question with, “I like Michigan history a lot better than I did before I read this book.”
  • In the book the Indians paddled without lifting their paddle from the water as a silent paddle. I think I know what you mean, but can you explain it for me?
  • How did the turtle rock get to the big tree in the forest?
  • We both loved your book. In our class we had to rename the chapters. How did you decide on the chapter titles?
  • Do you think people will ever be able to travel in time? And what time period would you travel to?
  • How do you write to meet the needs of your audience?

The questions today showed clear evidence that the teachers had worked hard with the students on writing good questions, thinking about the writing process, and understanding the Michigan history content.

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