ASKing about Michigan History

Another set of ASK programs today. These sessions are hosted by Muskegon ISD, coordinated by Diane Zoellmer. Today we had two fourth grade classes from E. P. Clarke Elementary, St. Joseph participate in two sessions with Author Janie Panagopolous, focusing on the book Traders in Time. Tomorrow Three Oaks is focusing on the book Train to Midnight and New Buffalo in the afternoon on Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp.

Here is a sample of the students’ questions:

*In chapter one, how come you picked two boys for the main characters instead of two girls?
*Why did Maggie live in the middle of nowhere in the midst of the woods?
*Why do Indians get married so young?
*In chapter one, why did you choose a warrior turtle for the rock?
*Does bear grease really help you stop from getting blisters?
*How did you come up with the title, Traders in Time?
*Do you get some of your ideas for characters from real people, or are the characters made up? If so, which characters in Traders in Time are real people?
*In chapter one, why does Chris call Nick a wimp?
*How does LeClaire know that when the water level rises the sun is going to come up?
*Who is your favorite character and why?
I love Janie’s answer to this question. She impersonates McDougall and tells how he comes to her in her dreams threatening her about getting the book done!

Students learned about the writing process, Michigan history, the process of historical research in preparation for writing historical fiction, and the publishing process.

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