Author Janie Panagopoulos VCs from Home!

Today we have four sessions of ASK: Train to Midnight with Janie Panagopoulos, sponsored by TWICE. Fourth grade students  from around Michigan have prepared questions based on their reading of Janie’s books. Tomorrow we have four sessions on the book Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp. I’ve written about ASK programs with Janie before if you want to read about what those are like.

The sessions this spring are unique in that Janie is connecting from her home in Illinois using her computer, Polycom PVX, and the Polycom Communicator. You can see in the picture that she has a poster of the book behind her and the picture comes through very well. It’s been a bit of a journey getting the cable access to work properly with videoconferencing at her house, but now we’re reaping the results of those efforts.

We now have Janie listed as a content provider, and one of my schools is planning a professional development session with her on the topic of writing. So if you were wanting to try connecting to an author, here’s another possibility!

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