Awesome Adaptations

Today & tomorrow three middle school classes from Bridgman Middle School are connecting to the Bronx Zoo for their Awesome Adaptations program. The science classes have been studying adaptations and this program fits nicely into the curriculum. In the session, students are learning about various types of adaptations and related scientific names such as plantigrade, digitigrade, etc.
During the program, Erin, the presenter, asks the students many questions and pushes them to clarify, explain their answer, and give more details in their answer. She definitely makes them think!

The program includes demonstration of three live animals, as well as full screen text of scientific names, video clips, and still pictures. These visuals enhance students’ understanding of adaptations.

The students were able to ask many questions during the program as well. This was a great program and I’m sure we’ll be connecting to the Bronx Zoo again!

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