Best 4th grade VC programs

4th grade teachers, need help picking a videoconference for this year? Here’s what I consider to be your best choices.

Social Studies
Of course there are many great options for studying Michigan!

  1. Local Teachers: The free LAPS programs offered by Macomb ISD are one option. I’ve already emailed this information out. If you missed it, send me an email.
    Michigan teachers: Check with your ISD distance learning coordinator. This was advertised to TWICE members.
  2. Local Teachers: Janie Panagopolous ASK programs: Train to Midnight, Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp, and Traders in Time. We supply a set of 30 books for you. You’ll interview Janie, the author of the books. We’re working with Macomb and Kent ISDs to schedule these. We may have openings in December, February and May. Send me an email if you are interested so we can save you a slot! (Free to my teachers.)
    This may be available to other Michigan teachers through TWICE but hasn’t been officially advertised yet.
  3. The very best content provider program on Michigan history is Great Lakes Native Peoples from Cranbrook. This one is really good and includes hands-on and group activities on trading, economics, types of government and more.
  4. MSI: Museum Scene Investigation (Case File ­ A Fur Trader’s Cabin) from the Michigan State University Museum. I haven’t seen this one, but it sounds excellent.
  5. Don’t forget the free TWICE coordinated Michigan Week Connections in May! Where in Michigan and Michigan Exchange are the two formats. During the May 8-19 window.

Language Arts

  1. Of course, don’t forget the possibility of participating in Read Across America in March 2006. That would be free.
  2. And see the ASK programs listed above, as well as the MI Grade Level Content Expectations file for 4th grade language arts.

Be sure to check out the MI Grade Level Content Expectations for 4th grade science. Of those, these are most worthy of consideration:

  1. Gadget Works from COSI Columbus for your simple machines unit. Excellent program! Kids take apart toys and learn about the simple machines in them during the program. Highly recommended.
  2. Anything from the Cincinnati Zoo, Columbus Zoo or COSI Toledo.
  3. Don’t forget the free NASA programs for your solar system units.

To my local teachers, email me or visit to schedule any of these videoconferences.

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