Blogging A Literature Review

This summer I’m starting a PhD in Leadership from Andrews University. As part of my studies, I’ll be writing a literature review, and I thought that you might like to be part of the process. As you can guess, I’ll be reading about videoconferencing, specifically VC in education and VC in K12 education.

I have done preliminary searches in ERIC and Dissertation Abstracts, and I’m already frustrated by the lack of research articles on the use of videoconferencing as a curriculum enrichment activity (projects and connecting to content providers, etc.). There are many more research articles on shared classes at the university level.  There are also articles that use the term “videoconference” to mean satellite. Argh! We’ll see how all of this shakes out as I do more searches.

So I’ll be writing my “note cards” on the articles here so that you can gain the benefit of my learning and thinking too. Your comments on the articles and process are very much welcome too!

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  1. Janine,

    Congrats on beginning your doctoral studies. I’m in my fourth year (with about six months to go) and I’ve been blogging my literature review. 🙂

    I started with coursework and papers early on (and quickly found posting them to my blog and receiving comments from readers more motivating than emailing them off to my advisor and waiting 10 days for a grade).

    You can see all my dissertation related posts here, including actual excerpts from my literature review (posted as I write them) here:

    Good luck with your research in any case…


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