Blood, Sweat & Tears – Civil War Medicine

Today Edwardsburg Middle School is connecting to Fort Mifflin on the Delaware for their program Blood, Sweat & Tears – Civil War Medicine. The students are studying the Civil War in English and Social Studies classes.

Lee Anderson, presenter, is dressed in period costume and explains the weapons and fighting methods used in the Civil War. Then students learn about the instruments and methods used by the doctors to take care of those wounded in battle.

Students learn about how the soldiers were fed and how that affected their ability to heal. Lee demonstrates how a doctor would deal with the cases coming in. Then the students work in groups to solve cases that were mailed to the teacher ahead of time. As the students reported on how they handled each case, they heard what actually happened in that case in history. It’s pretty amazing how primitive their procedures were back then. Students really got into solving the cases.

This was our first time connecting to Fort Mifflin. We’ll definitely be looking at their other programs for next year.

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