Book Published: Adventist Online Education: Realizing the Potential

book cover

I’m excited to announce the publication of a new book! Adventist Online Education: Realizing the Potential. It is a collection of research papers presented at the 2017 Adventist Online Learning Conference, edited by yours truly and Anthony Williams.

I encourage you to check out the book. Hopefully you will find it useful in your online learning work. Below you can find the description from the back of the book.

This collection of research by Adventist online educators will be useful to many online educators, including those interested in the intersection of faith and online learning, and online learning in faith communities. This research spans four major areas of online delivery:

(1) the pursuit of Adventist distinctiveness and the Adventist experience within online delivery, applicable to all those considering the connection between the mission of an institution and it’s online delivery;
(2) the empowering and enabling of students, staff, and faculty for advising, monitoring, and resourcing quality online experiences;
(3) the power of technology to support collaboration among our institutions, our faculty, our teams; and
(4) the supports, training, and methods needed for the effectiveness of online delivery.

If you are an administrator, online program director, or teach in an online program, this book will serve as a professional resource that can help ensure that programs offered effectively meet the needs of students while supporting and extending the school’s mission. 

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