Cephalopods: The Jet Set

Did you know that squid have three hearts? This afternoon a class from Brandywine Middle School is connecting to the Alaska Sea Life Center for their Cephalopods program.

The lesson started with an overview of Alaska and the Sea Life Center. Then after some background information on squids & cephalopods, the students worked in groups to dissect squid (mailed to the teacher ahead of time). The presenter asks the students many questions to help them guess & understand what they were seeing on the squid as they dissected them. Some of the squid had ink in them and the students had a chance to use the ink to write. Pretty cool.

This is a great hands-on program. Our class thoroughly enjoyed the program and it brought resources & activities to our students that would have been difficult or impossible otherwise.

Note added later in the day: Here’s the evaluation comments from my teacher.

My sixth graders thought it was great.  It had the right balance of instruction and dissection time.  The students were allowed to ask questions as they went along, and they had the expert right there to answer their questions!  The material was presented in language right on their level, it was not above their understanding. It fit right into our curriculum, and was well worth the money spent to bring it here. (The squid were shipped in ice, and were not the smelly ones in preservative–that  was a plus for me-the teacher.)

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