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Dear Colleagues:

I invite all K-12 practitioners involved with decision-making related to interactive videoconferencing to participate in a survey entitled “Understanding the Utilization of Interactive Videoconferencing in the K12 Setting.” This survey has been designed to provide Cincinnati Museum Center and other content providers with a more accurate picture of who is utilizing interactive videoconferencing in the K-12 setting and what factors influence their decisions. It is also hoped that practitioners in the K-12 setting may also find the information useful in better informing their decision-making.

The survey can be found at (please note any potential line breaks).

After tabulation of results, findings will be made available in a variety of forms both on the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Distance Learning website ( and in professional conferences and publications. No individual responses will be shared.

Your participation is voluntary, but greatly appreciated. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Jason Dennison at Cincinnati Museum Center at (513)763-2315 or by email at


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