Connect with your local veterans

Today we had another full day of Lest We Forget Vietnam sessions. Students from Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey,  and Texas interviewed our panel.

Major Gary Lulenksi, MD; L/CPL Denny Kime; and Major Jim Taylor

I have shared lists of questions many times before when reporting on these VCs.

Today, instead, I want to appeal to you!

I urge you to make contact with your local veterans and bring them into your classrooms, either in person or via videoconference.

Our veterans appreciate the experience so much!

  • They say it helps them think positively about their experience.
  • Sharing their experience is so helpful.
  • They are so glad that students are interested in their stories.
  • The student thank you letters mean so much to them. Some of our Vietnam veterans were never thanked for their service until they participated in this program.
  • Having young people say “Thank you for your service” is so meaningful to them.
  • They say that they learn so much from the students.
  • They are glad for the opportunity to encourage students to welcome home and support current members of the service. They don’t want veterans of current wars to have the same cold welcome home that they experienced; so they are glad of an opportunity to educate and inspire students.
  • In the words of one veteran today: “You may think this is an imposition; asking us questions. But it’s not an imposition. This process helps us share our good memories.”

So I urge and encourage you! Connect with your local veterans organizations and bring this real-life learning to your classrooms!

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