Content Providers Get Into the Pirate Theme at the IVC Playground

Another fun happening at the SIG IVC Playground last week was how the various content providers got into the spirit of the pirate theme.

The Mariner’s Museum

Initially the pirate crew planned to have a pirate at The Mariner’s Museum. When people dialed in and found the pirate, they got an extra cool prize! You can see what that looked like in this picture. This was the Tandberg MOVI island.

This idea worked well, but then we had a couple other content providers get into the pirate spirit.

Kigluait Adventures

The Kigluait Adventures team are always up for doing something fun and crazy! They decided to set up as pirate mushers. (Read their blog report here.)

Christina and Rich really got into the pirate theme! This was their welcome screen when you dialed in. This was at the Polycom CMA Desktop island.

Then Pirate Christina came on and talked like a pirate! (sorry for the bad quality picture – it looked better than that in person!)

Rich had rigged his sled into a ship!

Royal Botanical Gardens

Finally, Karin at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario got into the spirit of things as well.

This was at the Tandberg Edge HD island. As you can see, we used a Promethean board for the display/projector for the setup.

In future posts, I’ll share the setup and some highlights from each of the six islands.

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