Cool Clues from MysteryQuest USA

Another MysteryQuest USA session today.

Check out this visual for this clue. “A park in our state is is the Long Key State Park.” This creative clue was by Brown Elementary, St. Joseph, Michcigan. See the “long key”!!

Sylvester Elementary, Berrien Springs, Michigan, presented their clues in the form of a Deal or No Deal show.

The clues were inside the cases, very carefully written out.

Classroom E, Mark Twain Elementary, Fraser, Michigan had some nicely designed posters. Each one had a bold header, a sentence with the clue, and a large drawing to represent the clue. Zooming the camera in on the poster made it easier to take notes. Their clues were so clear that none of the classes needed a clue repeated after they finished their presentation!

Yet another great MysteryQuest USA session!

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