Cool MysteryQuest Backgrounds

Today we have the first MysteryQuest session of the year, focusing on Western Hemisphere. We have 3 classes from TX, and classes from MI, OH, and MO. MysteryQuests are one of my favorite things to do. Today we have 3 classes who have never done MQ before, and one of them went all out with their backgrounds. I’ve never seen such an elaborate, beautiful set up for giving clues. Great job Dew ISD, TX.

Presenting from the rainforest.

Presenting in front of a mine.

Another newbie class, Groesbeck Middle School, did an excellent job at waiting after giving a clue, so the other students could write down the clue. Groesbeck had excellent clear posters as well. Very easy to read, understand and take notes on.

Thank you to all the classes for their hard work in today’s session!

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