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Ok, this isn’t really related to videoconferencing, but it’s really cool.

In the Keynote today, at the beginning the ISTE staff did a survey of 4000 people in the keynote room using Turning Point technology. Someone came by and handed us a unit and voila we voted!! We can see the votes coming in at the bottom of the screen that also showed the question. There was also a number in the bottom left showing the number of seconds counting down. Very cool. Then we saw the results.

Here was the most interesting question & results:

What is the most essential element for transforming education for this digital generation?

  • visionary leadership 44%
  • Redesigned professional growth 24%

Sorry I didn’t write down the other results and I’ve forgotten already. Brain is full!Conference Tags: necc necc06

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  1. Some more Cool Stuff: Educators live for those “Aha!” moments. It is no less exciting to see that in educators. Such was the case in a session with Elaine, Jim and Janine presenting about the ASK program with author, Jim Stovall. At then end of that part of the session a teacher, in her Aha! monent, said “I really want to do this with my students – but what’s a Polycom?” – a wonderful, heartfelt Aha! moment. We do indeed touch people’s personal and professional hearts when we share the good thing we are doing with teachers and kids. Janine, Jim and Elaine are demonstrating visionary leadership.

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