Coordinator Demographics From My Study Part 1

This post is part of a series inviting discussion, comments and reflection on the results of my dissertation.

In this set of posts on my research, we are examining who actually took the survey. Some of the coordinator demographics are shared in this post. Do these demographics include someone like you?

Gender (in percent)

Coordinator Demographics: Gender


By the way, how do you like to see this type of data? I like the frequency graph because it gives you a feel for the spread as opposed to the traditional range & mean as reported in my dissertation.

Coordinator Demographics: Age

Years in Education

Coordinator Demographics: Years in Education

Years Experience with Videoconferencing

Coordinator Demographics: Years Experience with Videoconferencing


Are VC Coordinators really not very diverse? Why is that?

Coordinator Demographics: Ethnicity

Highest Level of Education

Coordinator Demographics: Level of Education

Your Turn: What do you think?

  • Do you see yourself represented in this study? If not, what is missing? Please comment!
  • Do any questions arise as you see these demographics? What do you wonder about?
  • Why do you think there are way more female VC coordinators than male?
  • What type of position or job title do you think is represented by the different levels of education?
  • Do you think the coordinators in the study, as described here, are representative of who is using videoconferencing in the curriculum? If not, why not? Remember, the demographic information helps us know if the results are representataive/generalizable/applicable in other situations.

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