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This post is part of a series inviting discussion, comments and reflection on the results of my dissertation.

We continue an examination of the coordinator demographics of those who took my survey. What type of training do coordinators receive?

Hours of Training

Isn’t it interesting how many received no training at all? I really wonder about those who had the high numbers of training, don’t you? What type of training do you think they had? (FYI they wrote the number in.)

Coordinator Demographics: Hours of Training

Type of VC Training

The question was: What type of videoconferencing training did you receive? Respondents selected from the choices below.

Coordinator Demographics: Type of Training

Your Turn

  • What training did you receive to be a videoconference coordinator?
  • What training do you wish you received?
  • What were (and are) your sources of continued learning?
  • What do you see as the key components in learning to be a videoconference coordinator?

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  1. We do several different types of training here.

    Our week-long 123VC: JAZZ training immerses newbies into the world of videoconferencing with many Web 2.0 supportive technologies. It gives the full possibilities through the lens of best practice and collaboration within a situated learning environment for coordinators and teachers.

    Then we also offer 3-6 hour “how-to” trainings. This is more scheduling and technical. Not much curriculum focus here. This is designed for those who assist the teachers know how to do it better.

    New this year, I am going to try to implement “project” trainings. Some projects can launch with a quick Camtasia video to explain it and then participants are off and running. Other projects might need a full simulation or more time to explore and learn supportive skills and technologies. Yes, I know that most of you can learn it on your own at home, but I offer this to complete newbies or others who prefer a “hands-on” learning lab approach.

    For our continued support and networking, we have monthly UserGroup meetings with a content provider demo (30 min) and then a tech tip and sharing of what each site is doing (30). This is done via vc with everyone Skype chatting behind the scenes and sharing links. I might run a full-fledged back channel this year.

    Thanks for continuing to prompt us to refine and enhance our practice.


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