COSI's new weather program

Did you notice that COSI Columbus has created a new Weather Watch program? It sounds like it’s jam packed with great hands-on activities, perfect for your weather unit. I’m hoping to see one soon and blog about it. This is from the same provider that does Gadget Works.

Here’s the description:

Weather Watch, our newest videoconference program for grades 4-7, explores how meteorologists predict the weather. Work with COSI’s Storm Spotter to learn how changes in air pressure and temperature can affect the weather – and especially Storm Spotter’s vacation plans!

Students take and use readings from barometers and thermometers to help them predict basic weather patterns.  They explore air pressure using everyday objects and understand why changes in weather often occur around cold and warm fronts.

Pre-visit activities include tracking weather for a specific location prior to the show (reading thermometers, barometers), working with weather symbols, mapping a specific forecast, and learning about air pressure with a hands-on activity using pop bottles and syringes (without needles).

Post-visit activities include tracking weather and building a forecast for a specific area, a hands-on activity about convection currents, and a hands-on activity on air pressure using suction cups. There are also extension activities on air pressure, hot and cold air, density and pressure. Altogether, the activities for the program can encompass more than five hours of class time, if they all fit into your weather unit.

All materials for pre- and post-visit activities are included in the kit. This program is “on demand,” meaning you can sign up for it when you’d like to have it.

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