Creative News Shows

Running another MysteryQuest Western Hemisphere today. One of my favorite formats for presentations is news shows. You can see some examples in the MysteryQuest video.

Today’s most entertaining presentation was from O.W. Best Middle School in Dearborn, MI. They had a news show with all kinds of interesting facts and lines while giving their clues.

One funny clue started with, “From the Institute of Boring Information, the nearest body of water is…”

The one that really caught my attention was, “Police are tracking a tourist named Ms. Janine Lim who is suspected of hijacking a boat.” That really perked up my ears. Thankfully, later in the broadcast, the student news show reported, “All charges have been dropped for Janine Lim. It was discovered that she actually owns the boat.”

Very creative, O.W.Best! You made me laugh after a morning of too many technical problems! đŸ™‚ I wish I really did own that boat. See you in the next MysteryQuest in March!

There are still a couple openings in MysteryQuest World in March. Let me know if you want in but are struggling with funding. Also, I’m beginning to get dates together for MysteryQuest USA in April. In a week or so those should be ready for registration as well.

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