David Thornburg's Keynote

It’s always fun to hear David Thornburg’s keynote presentations.

One of the first technologies he showed was Skype & Festoon, which we had just discussed in the Global Collaboration Birds of a Feather, so that was pretty cool.

A questions to think about: We spend 13 years on reading & writing. How many years do we spend on media literacy?

He’s talking about places you can find images online. Reminds me of a thought I had last year when listening to a session on visual literacy. The cool thing about connecting to an art museum such as the Cleveland Museum of Art, is you get the visual literacy interpretation and instruction along with the pictures. Whereas it takes more work to put together a lesson using online materials, figure out how to connect it to student learning & curriculum benchmarks and make it an interesting lesson all at once.

He showed several other interesting technologies too….

Including MIT’s new hand crank $100 computer…. which will really change one-to-one computing….

We need that same one-to-one access to videoconferencing. Access in classrooms is certainly what we need to aim for because that’s where the action is!

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