Day 19: Frustrations with Teaching Online

Photo by Microsoft
Photo by Microsoft

Now that you are almost 4 weeks into your online course, there may be some things about online teaching that are frustrating you. In today’s tips, we’ll look at some common frustrations and some potential solutions.

  • Students don’t follow instructions. Include instructions in the syllabus, in your weekly email, and in the pace where students are submitting an assignment. Don’t just post it one place. Think of how you remind students in face-to-face classes. Think of this as digital reminders! More tips here.
  • Students are complaining about working in groups. Coordination is difficult for online students. Careful group work design, as well as instructor intervention can help. Research study with suggested strategies here.
  • Challenges in communicating with international students. Time zones, poor email communication, and assumptions can cause frustration and communication problems. Be sure you know where your students are from and what their learning challenges may be. Be patient and compassionate; model good communication. More tips and scenarios here.
  • Technology problems. Don’t try to use too many new tech tools at the same time in a class. Use the phone when needed; use your institution’s tech support to help you support students.
  • Busyness. An online class can take over your life if you aren’t careful. Establish limits. Maintain and guard your online teaching space and time.

More perils and frustrations along with suggestions chronicled here.

Your Turn

Reflect. What is frustrating you about teaching online? What can you do about it? What resources can you utilize (Google searches, your online course support team, etc.) to address any challenges?

This post is Day 19 of the 20 Day Challenge to Teaching Interactive Online Courses.

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